Giovani & Impresa Project

Giovani & Impresa is a project which was created in 1999 by Fondazione Sodalitas of Milan, in collaboration with Assolombarda and a group of important Lombard companies with the support of the Regional School Office for Lombardy.

The over 100 companies belonging to Fondazione Sodalitas, which represent the most advanced tip of the Italian business community, experiencing directly the difficulties of inserting young people into the company, at the time, have entrusted Sodalitas with the task of developing a tool to help young licentiates and graduates in the difficult transition from school to work.

A series of courses and seminars has been designed, for this purpose, to develop among young people and spread in schools training models based on enterprise culture and orientation to professional choices and skills.

Starting from 2010-11 school year, the beginning of the VSP activity in this area, our training and guidance activities linked to “Giovani & Impresa” project, aimed at helping young people from high schools and universities to know and be oriented to the world of work, continues to develop and expand. The strong loyalty, following the recognized quality of the courses, over the last 4 years has multiplied the users:

+ 12% the institutes, + 89% the classes, + 93% the students, for a total of 1266 hours of lessons delivered in 2017-18 school year.

The recent legislative measures (Law 107/2015, “The Good School”) that have institutionalized the forms of alternation school-work, aimed at bringing young students closer to the world of work, according to the professors themselves, are a great support in the content of Giovani & Impresa courses.

Moreover, the validity of our training activities it is, in all evidence, demonstrated by the fact that the same Center of Didactic Services of Turin Metropolitan City suggests Giovani & Impresa as one of the interesting solutions within the workplace alternation school-work programs.

Further interest and appreciation for our activity are confirmed, in addition to the evaluations collected during the development of the courses, the many positive comments received by students and professors after the courses, highlighted, in summary, in the General Report of Giovani & Impresa, available on this site.

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