Consultative and operational support

Projects carried out

  1. Collaboration with Abele Group

Project: Training and accompanying work grants

Training of 10 young people (from 18 to 25 years without qualifications and work experience) to provide them with basic relational skills to enter the workplace. Provide an accompaniment for the entire duration of the job (six months) finalized to monitor job placement and learning and prevent any workplace problems.

Project: Feasibility study for the establishment of a Start Up Incubator for social innovation companies

Collaboration, within a working group, to develop a feasibility study aimed at assessing the impact of an incubator of social innovation firms in the context of youth work.

Project: Feasibility study for the establishment of a Multidisciplinary Table for the development of the territory

Collaboration, within a working group, for feasibility study aimed at highlighting the needs of the territory to which the policies, so far implemented, have not responded and actively involve young people and associations operating in the territory.

Project: Feasibility study creating an operational structure to provide “Social Housing Services”

Collaboration, within a working group, for feasibility study to assess the impact that a service structure in the context of Social Housing can have to create job opportunities for young people.

  1. Collaboration with “OASI Giovani Onlus” Association of Savigliano City (CN)

Project: Analysis of  Savigliano City context to redefine the services offered


Realization, on behalf of the OASI Giovani Onlus Association, a survey on a significant sample of the inhabitants of Savigliano City to provide objective information on the visibility and the level of satisfaction of the services offered by the Association.

The examination of responses obtained have emerged considerations for the Board of the Association useful to redesign the services offered and define new ones.

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