Tunisia – Esperto di metodi riproduttivi nell’allevamento di cavalli



Ticket Nr: 704
Description of the Requirements Reproductive Methods in horse breeding
Details on expertise Some members of the agricultural cooperative “Al Intilaka” run horse breeding. (Racehorses). Through the cooperative, they receive the food for the entertainment and breeding of the horses. With the aim of improving the performance of their animals, the breeders would like to make use of artificial insemination. The application of this method, however, requires a sophisticated expertise, which is difficult or very rare to find in Tunisia. The cooperative would like to fulfill the strategic and such important interest of its members and promote this method in the region, thus also creating new jobs. In addition, a successful use of SES will lead to further breeders joining the cooperative and thus increasing the sales and sales of animal feed from the cooperative
Expertise needed:
– mastery of all methods of artificial insemination (fresh, over cooling, freezing)
– examination of broodmares after artificial insemination to determine if they are pregnant
– Knowledge and mastery of all hygiene regulations for all work areas
Type of Client Small Business
Sector Horse breeding
Project Details The assignment is supposed to take place within the first half of 2018
Languages French, English, German and Arabic
Expected Project Start Date 15/04/2018
Duration (weeks) 4
Project Location North Africa, Tunisia, Zarzis
Additional Information Our Project-Denomination: TN-ZARZIS

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