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Ticket Nr: 703
Description of the Requirements Cheese Making Support for the Kabosh Company – Russia
Details on expertise The Kabosh Company clearly formulated a strategy for further development is s very interested in cooperation with you and senior experts in cheese making sphere.
Let me recall you some data about the Kabosh Company. We have our own farms and in total we own about 40 000 ha of land. Today we totally possess 20 000 milking cows on 4 new dairy farms.
Nowadays we produce cheese on Kabosh cheese dairy plant; we cooperate with many technologists from all over the world. Therefore, we want to cooperate with specialists who have a great experience in the near future. We cannot specify concrete terms of cooperation, because at the moment we are interested in finding technologists. If your company can help us in this matter and the cooperation will be successful, we will certainly use the services of your company when searching for other specialists.
We need specialists with vast experience in the production of cheeses, traditional for their countries, in particular, Spain, France, Holland, Austria, England, USA, Switzerland. We plan to produce typical cheeses, similar to those of each of these countries, but not their copy. We want to learn from the knowledge and experience that foreign technologists have. We want to create cheeses using technologies that are close to those of producing countries, subsequently adapting them to the Russian consumer.
For our part, we would like to clarify the terms on which you agree to cooperate with Kabosh Company. Can you place our application on your website, connect your contacts and involve your partners in different countries?
Looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

KABOSH company | Assistant of Development Manager
Novosokolnicheskaya Street, 182106, Velikie Luki,

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Type of Client Medium Business
Sector Production
Expected Project Start Date 05/03/2018
Duration (weeks) 3
Project Location Velikie Luki, Russia

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