Bosnia and Herzegovina – Expert for 3D printing


Ticket Nr: 717
Description of the Requirements Expert for 3D printing (product development and prototyping)
Details on expertise
  • Prepared tentative agenda for the workshop with 3 practical examples that workshop attendees could relate with; and,
  • One- to two-day workshop for company representatives that showcases the uses and new trends of 3D printing in industrial environment.
Type of Client Small Business
Sector Industrial training
Project Details
It is important for manufacturing enterprises and entrepreneurs to ensure a new product’s design intent is met and any potential issues with the design are analyzed and addressed before production begins, and especially before an important sales pitch meeting. With computer aided design software (CAD), designers can test three-dimensional (3D) designs to a certain degree, right within the software. As good as the simulations within the software have become, there comes a point when it is quicker and easier to build a physical version of the final product to get user feedback on the design. Making functional or simply cosmetic prototypes is one tool for producing such feedback.
In attempt to increase competitiveness of local SME’s and accelerate product development for the market and pre-production process, WHAM would like to organize a workshop for selected company representatives where they will be able to see and discuss some first-hand experiences in 3D printing for product development.
In order to achieve that, WHAM Activity is seeking an experienced 3D printing expert (product development and prototyping) with a proven track record of successful industrial scale projects.
Languages English
Expected Project Start Date 30/11/2018
Duration (weeks) 7
Project Location Preparation plus workshop in Bosnia
Additional Information
IESC provides comprehensive support to experts before, during, and after the anticipated assignment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Support to include:
  • All travel and logistics arrangements and costs to be provided by IESC including airfare, visas, medical examination, medevac and emergency travel insurance, and transit expenses;
  • Project management and oversight from the home office in Washington, DC;
  • All accommodations, transport, meals, and incidental expenses throughout the duration of the assignment;
  • Translation and communications support, when needed;
Follow up and administrative support for the production and dissemination of the final report and deliverables for the project.

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