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University of San Carlos

One of the top universities outside Manila, the University of San Carlos enjoys an environment free from the hustle and bustle that often distracts students in the capital. But the difference stops there.

As the business and tourist hub of Southern Philippines, Metro Cebu provides Carolinians (as USC students are called) with a cosmopolitan setting where malls are just a few minutes away from the beaches, heritage towns, or mountain resorts.

With its four campuses housing all levels of educational programs that include eight colleges and 27 departments, USC is truly a “universe-city” in its own right. International linkages and a steady influx of foreign students and visiting professors have made USC a multicultural academic community bonded by the common pursuit for global standards.


Original Assignement

TicketNr: 657
Description of the Requirements Updating university lecturers on Communication Design, in particular Internet and Communication Platforms.
University of San Carlos, Cebu City, The Philippines
Details on expertise Expertise in communication design and further education for university dons.
Type of Client Public Sector
Sector IT
Project Details • Introduce new standards/methods/processes in related fields of Visual Communication
• Facilitate training and workshops on Advertising, Media, Design and other Visual Arts
• Moderate discussions and ideas sharing among members of the faculty to exchange best practices
The Expert should be particularly skilled in MEDIA (Code:6400), PRESS (Code:6410), RADIO (Code:6420), FILM & TELEVISION (Code:6430), ADVERTISING AGENCIES (Code:6912), PACKAGE DESIGN (Code:3850), PRINTING & GRAPHICS (Code:6300)
Expected Project Start Date 01/04/2017
Duration (weeks) 3 weeks during spring time.
Project Location Asia, The Philippines, Cebu City




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